Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long Meadow Ranch Winery: Farm-to-Table Dining Experience in St Helena Winery

Wine and food paired meals definitely ranks pretty high on my list of things I love. Long Meadow Ranch Winery in St Helena offers an amazing food and wine pairing experience, not to miss! We tried the Farm-to-Table Experience when some of our friends were in town. Between the incredible 4 course meal (salad, entree, dessert, and cheese) and hilarious company, including one other couple trying out LMR for the first time as well, we had a wonderful experience. Without spoiling it too much for anyone who reads this and decides to go, I'll let you know a few things that really hit the mark for us:

1) Intimate Setting - we were seated inside this beautiful and quaint winery, instead of the noisier main dining.

2) Great Food - The food was fresh, organic, local, and inventive. Our favorite was the dessert course which was a carrot bundt cake seared in butter on both sides! Holy calories - but totally worth every bite!

3) LOTS of Wine - We tried some really great cabernet sauvignons, which is Long Meadow Ranch's focus. They were delicious and it was great to try different vintages.

We also had a really friendly and great hostess, Gretchen, who was funny, accommodating, informative, and not one bit boring! I would recommend trying this in the evening for your dinner and not after 4 want to enjoy this experience, and for your taste buds to be ready for the wine. It would be really great to come here with a few couples or a group of friends. We lucked out and had a really great dining group with a mixture of friends and new friends, which kept us talking about it and laughing for days!

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