Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Inn on First: Our Favorite Place to Stay in Napa

This past weekend we stayed a night in Napa for a couple's mini vacation and we were so thrilled to finally share our home away from home, The Inn on First. It's amazing to find a place where you walk up, ring the door bell, take a deep breathe and finally feel relaxed. Once we grab a warm afternoon chocolate chip cookie (or in Alex's case, 5), settle in our room with a split of champagne and homemade chocolate truffles, Alex and I look at each other and say, "Why do we even go on vacation anywhere else?"

The rooms are amazing and exceptionally clean, which is a major concern of mine anywhere we go. We have stayed here at least five times over the years and we will always come back as long as Jim and Jamie are running the place. We adore them and they are what make the experience so special, because they are great people who are doing something that they are passionate about.

I love the intimacy of the rooms and privacy of a hotel that you wouldn't typically feel while at a B&B. In the evening, we played board games in the living room and drank tea from the loose leaf selection in the dining room. Probably one of my favorite memories from staying over the past weekend was watching our friends try Inn on First breakfast in the morning. The spread is incredible ranging from delicious fresh cut fruit, homemade granola, fresh baked cinnamon twists, and yogurt to create a delicious parfait. Then the potatoes au gratin, it was piping hot and full of perfect wine country breakfast flavor, but created with the care and elegance of a professionally trained chef. Needless to say, our friends were impressed and it was so special for us to be able to share this experience with them.

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